Do You Consider Suicide to be Murder? FTQA 084

Do You Consider Suicide to be Murder? FTQA 084

“Do you consider suicide to be murder, and what does God think about it?” – Emma’s question to me on Episode 84 of the Family Time Q&A Podcast. Listen to the full episode here. Download this episode (right click and save) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255 After a short talk about Emma’s upcoming ballet … Read more

FTQA 060 – Dedicationally! What I Think of My Son’s Friends, Plus a Message to Loveless Marriage and Divorced Dads

Divorced Dads - Advice

In this episode, Jacob and I have a father-son discussion about what I think about his friends, how his life is different and similar to his friends, and somehow I find myself on a soapbox about what men should really do about their loveless marriage as well as provide advice for divorced dads. Download this … Read more

Cold Coffee and Mrs. Villian – Episode 49 FTQA Podcast

Download this episode (right-click to save file.) In this episode, Jerry and Emma have a father-daughter discussion about the following: Jerry’s bad coffee habit Emma’s challenge of the week at school, a villian in the midst Creepy dolls What style of dance would Jerry like to learn (Macho Dance!) Quelf board game (from the daughter … Read more

Christmas Memories, Elf on the Shelf, and am I an Embarrassing Dad? – Episode 39 FTQA Podcast

So, I get to share my Christmas memories of Olivia sharing her Christmas memories with our children. For example, Olivia has her childhood ornaments for the tree, and I love watching her unpack them and share the stories behind each ornament with the kids.  Emma shares with me her joy of seeing where our Elf … Read more

Episode 12 – What Olivia and I Have Learned from Our Weaknesses and Struggles

Click here to listen to the episode. What has been your life’s biggest challenges and weaknesses, and what lessons have you drawn from them? Comment below. That is the discussion that Olivia and I have in this husband-wife Q&A session of Family Time Q&A. We also do a shout-out question from our friend, Shawn, from … Read more