FTQA 057 – How to Confront a Bully Who is Also a Friend

Confront a Bully

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We Will Never, Ever Get Rid of Bullying! So, What Should We Do? (Part 2) – Coaching Boys into Men

In Part 1, I discuss and deconstruct the messaging behind a meme I found on Facebook. It became apparent to me that many of the people who supported the meme in question were not about victim-blaming or supporting bullying behavior at all. The sentiment seemed more aligned with something like the revised meme below. The … Read more

We Will Never, Ever Get Rid of Bullying! So, What Should We Do? (Part 1)

I came across this meme on Facebook, and it immediately triggered me to cry foul on it being a victim-blaming, bully-supporting meme. While I was blessed to have a very civil and intelligent conversation with friends about the meme, I noticed that the public (Facebook) discussion was far from civil. So, what’s the problem? Those … Read more

Family Time Q&A Podcast: Episode 2

Listen to this episode (24:15) Father-son portrait, Animal Kingom, Walt Disney World, Sept. 2012. Slipped this picture into the PhotoPass collection when Liv wasn’t looking. Father-son Q&A timeJacob leads you to believe I’m asking my kids to plug my eBook, but I shamelessly plug my book by answering his question anyway instead of having him ask … Read more