Husband’s Strength in Marriage

Husband's Strength in Marriage

This is an adapted excerpt from my November 2013 TEDx Corpus Christi Talk titled “Redefining Strength in Manhood.” Strength: The Problem When I married Olivia, I brought into my marriage the ability to express myself in only two ways, anger and humor. This would seem perfectly fine for many men in the U.S. I know personally … Read more

Three Recommended Book Titles for Men on Marriage

There are three books for men that come to mind when I am asked to suggest titles that focus on helping men in marriage. Unlike like many marriage books that are about “this is what she is like” and “this is what he is like” comparisons, these are titles are specific calls to men on … Read more

Episode 22 – Five Things We Do to Stay Close in Our Marriage

Olivia and I had the privilege and honor to serve as prayer volunteers for a recent Art of Marriage event at Bay Area Fellowship-Westside. The event was led by our friends Clem and Marvella Ortiz, and a great team of volunteers who served in areas like childcare, set up, refreshments, and production. One of the … Read more

Episode 12 – What Olivia and I Have Learned from Our Weaknesses and Struggles

Click here to listen to the episode. What has been your life’s biggest challenges and weaknesses, and what lessons have you drawn from them? Comment below. That is the discussion that Olivia and I have in this husband-wife Q&A session of Family Time Q&A. We also do a shout-out question from our friend, Shawn, from … Read more

My 12th Lesson Learned from 12 Years of Marriage

November 17, 2013 will mark 12 wonderful, adventurous, fulfilling and challenging years with Olivia as my wife. Reflecting on this milestone has helped me realize… Lesson #12 – Dream together. I finally shared my Life Plan, all of it, with Olivia this year. The method behind my madness was explained, AND I found even more … Read more

5 Ways to Make Your Wife Submit to You

Liv and I often come across couples who struggle with the passage in Ephesians 5:22-25,  submission of a wife to her husband. Men are often frustrated that their wives will not submit like they read in the Bible. In fact, these frustrated men often ask me, “Jerry, how do I make my wife submit to … Read more