Can You Really Lose Weight Eating McDonald’s Everyday?

Can you really lose weight eating McDonald’s everyday? In a sense, yes, you can it seems. John Cisna, a Physics and mathematics teacher from Iowa, was recently showcased in the media for losing 37 pounds in 90 days (SEE STORY HERE). It was a project with three of his high school students.

Not Just Salads
Cisna and his students carefully planned out a 90-day mealplan that kept his calorie intake within 2000 calories. Macronutrient ratios were also part of the planning making sure that Cisna stayed within his allowed intake of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and cholesterol.
While he typically did have a salad every day from the menu, he also enjoyed many of our favorites like the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, and the meals that came with them.
Not Just Diet
Less prominent in media reports about his McDonald’s Diet is that Cisna exercised for 45 minutes a day. Workouts typically consisted of walking around the school track.
Exercise helps us spark the metabolism that burns the calories we take in. Exercise will also build our confidence. As I transitioned from a short 7-minute workout in the mornings to hiking over a bridge with a 50-lb rucksack, I found that my mindset of myself shifted towards someone who could do all things. My self-esteem rose as I saw myself able to physically do more and more. We do not need to start off running 2 to 3 miles a day, simply walking can be a great start.
The Bottom Line
First, I do not recommend that you start moving your entire grocery budget to the “McDonald’s” line. There may be other risks with eating so much fast food for a prolonged period of time that we do not know about. There is still the “pink slime” debate that I know nothing about.

Second, Many people view weight loss as a painful experience of self-denial. What’s the fun in that? Losing weight and getting fit, then keeping what you gained, does require careful planning and discipline. I met many people in 2013 who were surprised to see that I was losing weight, but also enjoying a piece of cake. I literally had my cake and ate it, too. What they did not see was that to have that piece of cake, I ate with self-discipline throughout the rest of the day, showed up for my exercise session (at home with my smartphone), and washed it down with water instead of a soda. Although, I admit that I would have liked a glass of milk in those moments.

Your weight loss can be a positive experience of self-control, consistency, and moderation. While John Cisna ate nothing but McDonald’s for three months, he practiced self-control, consistency, and moderation throughout the entire period.

How does The McDonald’s Diet inspire you to reach your fitness goals? Share in the comments below.

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