Three Recommended Book Titles for Men on Marriage

There are three books for men that come to mind when I am asked to suggest titles that focus on helping men in marriage. Unlike like many marriage books that are about “this is what she is like” and “this is what he is like” comparisons, these are titles are specific calls to men on how to have a healthier, happier marriage relationship. I took the liberty of sharing those titles with you below.
The Christian Husband by Bob Lepine. This is an analogy of what would it be like if God interviewed you for your first date with your spouse. Talk about putting things into perspective!
Tender Warrior by Stu Weber. God calls husbands and fathers to be warriors, a symbol of strength, but also to be tender in our closest relationships when and where it matters.
Stepping Up by Dennis Rainey (Founder of FamilyLife Ministries). This is aimed more towards fatherhood, but that is also an important part of marriage.
More Books for Men!
Every Man’s Battle by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker. Conquer porn…not as an actor, but as someone who never looks at it again. The latest edition includes a workbook for those who wish to go deeper in the content or lead a men’s study group. Original (cheaper) edition.
For the sake of disclosure, the links are Amazon Affiliate links. So, if you buy one of these books, please use one of these links and I’ll get like a nickel, or something, that I can apply towards the maintenance of this website and my podcast, Family Time Q&A.
Comment below: What are some great men and marriage titles you have read that helped you have a happier, healthier marriage?
Okay, one “one more” for you, and this one is FREE!
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2 thoughts on “Three Recommended Book Titles for Men on Marriage

  1. Christian Husband sounds really good. Tender Warrior would be awesome for Mens’ groups at my church. Thanks for the suggestions!

    • I loved reading Christian Husband because it made me feel like I was really being interviewed by God on what His daughter deserves. The cool thing about Stu Weber, the author of Tender Warrior, that was an attention grabber for me was that he opens the book with his experiences from Special Forces in Vietnam. He establishes his authority as a warrior solidly, then goes into the need and calling to be a tender man for our closest relationships.

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