And He Praises Her

Liv recently went on a Journey to Demascus retreat with her sister. While she was gone, my kids and I took an opportunity to put Proverbs 31:28 into practice, “Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.”

We wrote out about 50-60 handwritten notes and planted them all over the home where Liv goes throughout her daily routines. I wanted to do this because I was leaving for a 5-day conference the day she was returning from her retreat. In fact, I was missing the closing ceremony of JTD, and I wanted Liv to know we appreciate everything she does for us every day.

She loved it. There were notes where she would never think to look like inside the cat food container, taped to her dining table setting, the washing machine, even tucked in her folded clothes in the dresser. She found most of them with the help of Emma, but I’m glad to say that a week later she still has a few more to find that will take a while to pop up.

I had a lot of fun writing and hiding these notes with my kids. They learned another way to show their mother how much they love her. It set an example for what my daughter should expect when she is older, and what my son should do when he is a husband. Most of all, I love the smile these notes are bringing to my wife’s face. She’s getting in on the act now! In fact, I just found a note from her tucked in my Bible at Proverbs 31. She said she thought it’d be a long time before I found it. What Liv didn’t know is that I reference Proverbs 31 all the time. (Specifically, I reference Proverbs 31: 11,23, & 28. Husbands, go look it up.)

What are some ideas you can share? Seriously, I may want to use your ideas in the future! HELP!

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