FTQA 058 – Marriage Conferences, Multiple Streams of Income, Summer, and Kids

Olivia's Journal

Olivia and I have a husband and wife discussion on the following topics: Liv’s journal and when she said I shouldn’t remove the intro script to the show Marriage conferences What do I know that people would be willing to pay money to learn? Multiple streams of income. e-Courses that are useful. What are you … Read more

FTQA 057 – How to Confront a Bully Who is Also a Friend

Confront a Bully

Special thanks to Eric Pattengill of LoneStarDigital.us for being the first audio bump for Family Time Q&A Podcast outside of the family. There are more bumps coming from listeners like you. Feel free to create a bump of your own for this show by clicking on the “Podcast” tab above and following the directions there. … Read more

The Batman Perspective on White Privilege

Not one obvious thing, but a combination of seemingly "harmless" things put together.

I often scroll through my social media in the evening while the various members of my family are doing their thing. It’s just that time of year with Emma in Spring ballets and Jacob playing baseball. Recently, a man I knew since my service in the U.S. Army, who now serves as a Florida police … Read more

FTQA 56 – Thor, a Baseball Story

A baseball story

Download this episode (right click and save) Jerry and Jacob have a father-son discussion on the following: Jacob’s last track meet for the season. Running injured. Walker bait! Spotify and Audible The Inklings…I DO GO TO THE MEETINGS, SON! What funny story should include in a new book? Thor – Who would be dumb enough … Read more

Bringing Up Old Stuff in Marriage is Good

Rhine River Cruise Gone Bad

Olivia and I spent some time this week talking about one moment from our past together we would like to relive. She didn’t hesitate about the time when I bought tickets for a cruise on the Rhine River. We were both in the Army at the time, and stationed in Germany. The trip was scheduled … Read more

FTQA 55 – We’re Going to Germany

We're going to Germany

Jerry and Olivia have a husband-wife discussion about Finally painting the hall bathroom Our first experiences arriving at Anderson Barracks, Dexheim, Germany Rhine River Cruises An embarrassing Army story for Jerry FTQA 35 – Remembering the Late Socks

FTQA 054 – What Three Things Are Your Parents Passionate About?


Download this episode (right click and save) Emma and I have a father-daughter discussion including Emma’s response to the question, “What three things are your parents most passionate about?” Your actions and words clearly communicate what is most important to you. We also share a couple of underdog stories related to my service in the … Read more

FTQA 53 – Cinderella Movie Review, Spirit Animals, and Future Guests?

Disney Cinderella Movie Review 2015

Download this episode (right click and save) Olivia and I are joined on our husband-wife session by Emma and have a discussion on the recent Disney live-action movie Cinderella. Listen to this episode for our Cinderella movie review, see what we liked about this movie, and what I didn’t like about it. Yes, I had to … Read more

Open Love Letter to My Wife

Open Love Letter to My Wife

My friend, Troy, is celebrating his 17th wedding anniversary this week. He asked me to help him draft a love letter to express his love for his wife, and it in turn inspired me to write my own love letter for Olivia. So, here’s my open love letter to Olivia, my wonderful wife of the past … Read more

Emma Takes a Relationship Quiz – Episode 52 FTQA Podcast

Emma takes a relationship quiz on Episode 52 of Family Time Q&A Podcast

Download this episode (right click and save) Emma takes a relationship quiz and has a father-daughter discussion on the following: Shoutout to the “Daddy Daughter Podcast” (iTunes, Stitcher) with Jeff and Abby Small, @jeffrsmall @daddypodcast Emma attends a bridal shower and has too much to drink (pineapple juice) Our new audio splitter and failed attempt with … Read more