Communication in Marriage – Episode 50 FTQA

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Download this episode (right click and save) In this husband-wife episode, Olivia and I talk about the following: Vibrant pink vomit Dedicating this episode to my late-friend Judah Hoehne Dunkin Donuts Reading the book Unbroken: A World War II Story About Survival, Resilience, and Redemption The von Trapp Singers album Our first sponsor Jerry question … Read more

Six Reasons Why You Should Attend a Marriage Conference

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Corporations spend millions of dollars each year developing their leaders to have the best-trained staff in the industry. Cliff Ravenscraft from Podcast Answer Man shared in Episode 391, “Six Reasons Why You Should Attend a Conference.” Those same principles can be carried over to marriage, so here are six reasons why a married couple should regularly attend … Read more

Cold Coffee and Mrs. Villian – Episode 49 FTQA Podcast

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Download this episode (right-click to save file.) In this episode, Jerry and Emma have a father-daughter discussion about the following: Jerry’s bad coffee habit Emma’s challenge of the week at school, a villian in the midst Creepy dolls What style of dance would Jerry like to learn (Macho Dance!) Quelf board game (from the daughter … Read more

Father-Son Review of American Sniper (movie) Episode 48 FTQA

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Click here to listen to the podcast SHOW NOTES In this episode, Jerry and Jacob have a father-son discussion about the movie American Sniper. We actually recorded this conversation right after we saw the movie on January 24. The following was also discussed:   What touched Jerry the most from the movie? How the movie … Read more

Speakers Announced for the 2015 Corpus Christi Weekend to Remember


The speakers have been announced for the May 29-31, 2015 Weekend to Remember marriage getaway in Corpus Christi hosted by FamilyLife. The Weekend to Remember is a faith-based, 3-day marriage getaway that helps couples grow stronger together in their marriage relationships.   For those who are not familiar with Weekend to Remember, and what it … Read more

Getting Old…Cremation? Episode 47 FTQA

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Click here to listen to the podcast In this episode, Jerry and Olivia have a husband-wife discussion about the following:   Being Emma-whelmed Emma’s new role with Corpus Christi Ballet How to treat your spouse after attending a marriage conference Why 50:50 in marriage does not work, and what does Speaker announcement for Corpus Christi … Read more

Pointe Shoes and Cyberbullying – Episode 46 FTQA


Click here to listen to the podcast SHOW NOTES (0:15) Emma, aka “my special guest,” has danced in multiple productions of the Corpus Christi Ballet, makes purses out of Black Friday newspapers ads (and duct tape,) and once said that tap dancing was not a cool trick! She went back and reinforced it with duct … Read more

My Interview with Christopher Lewis on Dad of Divas


Christopher Lewis from reached out to me for an interview on his series titled “Dads in the Limelight” which showcases other dad bloggers. You can connect with Christopher on his blog or you can catch him every Thursday evening on a Twitter #DadChat. Read the interview by clicking here.

How to Set Up Your Own Group for Weekend to Remember


Originally posted on 3/4/2012 (Updated 1/21/2015)   What is a Group Name for FamilyLife Weekend to Remember? In short, a Group Name is like a tailored discount code that is linked to you. It is FamilyLife’s way of saying thank you for inviting couples to attend the Weekend to Remember marriage getaways around the United … Read more