FTQA 054 – What Three Things Are Your Parents Passionate About?


Download this episode (right click and save) Emma and I have a father-daughter discussion including Emma’s response to the question, “What three things are your parents most passionate about?” Your actions and words clearly communicate what is most important to you. We also share a couple of underdog stories related to my service in the … Read more

FTQA 53 – Cinderella Movie Review, Spirit Animals, and Future Guests?

Disney Cinderella Movie Review 2015

Download this episode (right click and save) Olivia and I are joined on our husband-wife session by Emma and have a discussion on the recent Disney live-action movie Cinderella. Listen to this episode for our Cinderella movie review, see what we liked about this movie, and what I didn’t like about it. Yes, I had to … Read more

Open Love Letter to My Wife

Open Love Letter to My Wife

My friend, Troy, is celebrating his 17th wedding anniversary this week. He asked me to help him draft a love letter to express his love for his wife, and it in turn inspired me to write my own love letter for Olivia. So, here’s my open love letter to Olivia, my wonderful wife of the past … Read more

Emma Takes a Relationship Quiz – Episode 52 FTQA Podcast

Emma takes a relationship quiz on Episode 52 of Family Time Q&A Podcast

Download this episode (right click and save) Emma takes a relationship quiz and has a father-daughter discussion on the following: Shoutout to the “Daddy Daughter Podcast” (iTunes, Stitcher) with Jeff and Abby Small, @jeffrsmall @daddypodcast Emma attends a bridal shower and has too much to drink (pineapple juice) Our new audio splitter and failed attempt with … Read more

Express Yourself – Madonna’s Missed Secret to Men for a Healthy Marriage

Express yourself

I don’t know why, but I was singing Madonna’s “Express Yourself” while making pancakes and bacon on a Saturday morning. In fact, I’m writing this twelve hours since that breakfast, and Olivia just asked me, “Are you still singing that song?” Yup. It happens. I just got “Geronimo” by Shepherd out of my head. As … Read more

Define Respect – Father-Son Discussion Episode 51 FTQA Podcast

How would you define respect?

Download this episode (right click and save) In this father-son discussion, Jerry and Jacob talk about the following: Audible.com New baseball league for Jacob LoveIsRespect.org and Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (February) Captain America on the streets of L.A. Jacob’s Question to Jerry – Where is somewhere you’d like to visit but haven’t been yet? … Read more

Communication in Marriage – Episode 50 FTQA

Blog Banner 2014-11-26 c

Download this episode (right click and save) In this husband-wife episode, Olivia and I talk about the following: Vibrant pink vomit Dedicating this episode to my late-friend Judah Hoehne Dunkin Donuts Reading the book Unbroken: A World War II Story About Survival, Resilience, and Redemption The von Trapp Singers album Our first sponsor Jerry question … Read more

Six Reasons Why You Should Attend a Marriage Conference

queen olivia

Corporations spend millions of dollars each year developing their leaders to have the best-trained staff in the industry. Cliff Ravenscraft from Podcast Answer Man shared in Episode 391, “Six Reasons Why You Should Attend a Conference.” Those same principles can be carried over to marriage, so here are six reasons why a married couple should regularly attend … Read more

Cold Coffee and Mrs. Villian – Episode 49 FTQA Podcast

I don't know how Emma can keep this in her room.

Download this episode (right-click to save file.) In this episode, Jerry and Emma have a father-daughter discussion about the following: Jerry’s bad coffee habit Emma’s challenge of the week at school, a villian in the midst Creepy dolls What style of dance would Jerry like to learn (Macho Dance!) Quelf board game (from the daughter … Read more